人民的名义 (Rénmín de míngyì)
In the Name of the People

A story of intricate struggles against corruption in China. It chronicles the internal power struggle of the Chinese Communist Party in the fictional city of Jingzhou, Handong province, featuring stories about Chinese politics that are often talked about but never seen on mainstream television.

摩天大楼 (Mótiān dàlóu)
A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower

A beautiful coffee shop owner Zhong Meibao suddenly dies in a condominium at the Horizon Tower. When she died, her face still wore a doll-like makeup, hence the case was referred to as the "Doll Murder Case". This case shocks the whole tower, and after investigation the clues point to three suspects - security guard Xie Baoluo, architect Lin Dasen and property manager Lin Mengyu. Watch

家有儿女 (Jiā yǒu érnǚ)
Home with Kids

This is a classic relaxing sitcom based on the theme of childhood that tells interesting stories between a mother and a father that were both recently divorced and came together to unite their families including their three children. Watch

三国演义 (Sānguó yǎnyì)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms (2010)

In this 2010 edition, the long story of the rivalry, intrigues and wars of the late Eastern Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period. Based on the classical Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms and other related sources. Watch

开端 (Kāiduān)

In this Groundhog Day-esque thriller, Li Shiqing finds herself repeatedly dying in an explosion while riding the same bus. She finally concludes that she is stuck in a never-ending time loop. As she's trying to escape the loop, she inadvertently involves a fellow passenger. Watch

爱情公寓 (Àiqíng Gōngyù)

Essentially the "Friends" of China. In this sitcom, you will follow a group of young people who live in the same apartment complex in Shanghai. The show is generally regarded as one of the most successful Chinese sitcoms of all time. Watch

三十而已 (sānshí éryǐ)
Nothing but thirty (2020)

Three vastly different urban women who have reached their thirties while facing challenges are at a crucial stage in their lives. Watch

三国演义 (Sānguó yǎnyì)
Romance of the three kingdoms (2009)

Acclaimed as one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature, the story – part historical, part legend, and part mythical – romanticises and dramatises the lives of feudal lords and their retainers, who tried to replace the dwindling Han dynasty. Watch

再见爱人 (Zàijiàn àirén)
See you again

A heartfelt look at relationships, each other, and one's self. This reality show follows three pairs of divorcing couples who came to an 18 day vacation to see if they can save their marriage. 4 hosts and 2 psychologists forms an observation team that followed their journey. Watch

甄嬛传 (Zhēnhuán chuán)
Empresses In The Palace

A young woman marries the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. After surviving through many murderous scandals and betrayals, she prevails as the most powerful woman in the Emperor's harem, the Empress dowager. Watch

都挺好 (Dōu tǐng hǎo)
All Is Well (2019)

The Su family collapses instantly with the sudden death of Mother Su. Finally getting rid of his wife's control, Father Su makes constant and excessive demands on his children, revealing unexpected conflicts and struggles. Watch

罗小黑战记 (Luō Xiǎohēi Zhànjì)
The Legend of Hei (MOVIE)

In the bustling human world, various demons are hidden and live in peace with humans. Luo Xiaohei, the cat demon, begins his journey of wandering because his forest home is destroyed. On his search for a new home he encounters other demons as well as understanding human allies, leaving Hei in the dilemma of which side will be his true attribution. Watch

陈情令 (Chén qíng lìng)
The Untamed

Adventures of two soulmate cultivators who travel together to solve a series of mysteries that link to a tragic event in the past. Watch

樱桃小丸子 (Yīngtáo xiǎo wánzi)

While being a Japanese children's cartoon, this show holds much cultural value in China as well, as most adults today have grown up watching it. It contains good every-day vocabulary for Chinese learners.Watch

浮生一日 (Fúshēng yī rì)
A day in the life of...

Vlog documenting real daily life of 'Bei Piao' - migrant workers living and working in Beijing. Watch

虹猫蓝兔 (Hóngmāo lántù)
Howie & Landau (2006)

"It's a serious masterpiece, and highly influential; but basically no one outside of China has ever heard about it. If you're looking for something to watch, I'll personally recommend to give this classic a try." - Reddit
"A childhood masterpiece - though seemingly marketed towards kids, this cartoon depicted blood, violence, sacrifice and much more" - Reddit

棋魂 (Qíhún) Hikaru No Go

Based on the anime with the same name, follow primary school student Shi Guang as he learns to play Go from a Song dynasty ghost summoned from his grandfather's Go board.Watch

中国通史 (Zhōngguó tōngshǐ)
General History of China

A Geographical, Historical, Chronological, Political description of the Empire of China. Watch

红楼梦 (Hónglóumèng)
The Dream of the red Mansions (1987)

This 1987 classic is based on one of the acclaimed Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature, known for its psychological scope, and its observation of the world view, aesthetics, life-styles, and social relations of 18th-century China. Watch

隐秘的角落 (Yǐnmì De Jiǎoluò)
The Bad Kids (2020)

A story that follows three children who unintentionally film a murder scene. As they become involve with the suspect, it opens up a case that is far more complicated than it looks and entraps several families into an unpredictable outcome. Watch

长夜难明 (长夜难明)
The Long NIght (2020)

It was an open shut case with hundred of witnesses seeing the murder suspect trying to dispose of a body and a signed confession from the suspect himself. And yet when the case was ready for court, the prosecutor discovered that the case was not as it appeared. The murder was but a cover for another more shocking injustice. He spent ten years trying to uncover the truth, toiling away his youth, his career, his reputation, his family, and even his life. Watch

小Lin说 (Xiǎo Lin shuō)

Lin is a Wall Street banker and vlogger. She talks about a multitude of topics including politics, finanance, economics, tech and lifestyle. Watch

长安十二时辰 (Cháng'ān shí'èr shíchén)
The Longest Day in Chang'an

A political action thriller set in Chang’an, the Tang dynasty capital, and based on a book by China’s top modern novelist, Boyong Ma. Zhang Xiaojing and Li Bi work to prevent a terrorist attack on Chang’an in 24 hours. Watch

琅琊榜 (Lángyá bǎng)
Nirvana In Fire

Subversive wuxia (ancient martial arts story) with a physically frail lead who has lost his martial arts ability. It's set in sixth-century China, and Mei Chang Su, a brilliant strategist, secretly helps Prince Jing, the unlikeliest son, battle for the throne to clear his family’s name. This is based on a novel by Hai Yan—one of China’s most popular authors—that isn’t widely available in English Watch

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